Welcome to Hi-Da-Way Cottages!

Hi-Da-Way cottages, located along the St. Lawrence River in Alexandria Bay, New York, is a great place to get away for a weekend or spend week vacationing with your family. Cottages are available for rent from April through October and guests can enjoy everything upstate New York has to offer from fishing and jet skiing to skin diving and hiking.

The cottages are located just a mile away from the village of Alexandria Bay – the heart of 1000 Islands – and just 10 miles from Canada. Most cottages have a river view and guests are encouraged to bring their own boats and jet skis. So whether you just want to plan a quiet weekend getaway or a fun-packed outdoors adventure with the family, we have a cottage for you.

Be sure to check out the area attractions including Boldt Castle! For more information feel free to contact us.

Our mission is to provide guests with clean and pleasant living quarters while they are enjoying the view, fishing, boating, tourist attractions, relaxing or socializing.

What People Are Saying About Hi-Da-Way…

Nine-year old Grayson Grulke of Fairfax, VA caught this 5 ½ pound large mouth bass from the dock while staying at a cottage on Dingman Point. The fish was quickly returned to the water after being weighed.

Angler Kirk Heist of Haddon Township, NJ caught this 40 ½ inch muskie the morning of June 11. The fish was caught in about 18 inches of water in the vicinity of the Thousand Islands Bridge using a black jig with a plastic worm. The fish was quickly returned to the water.

A Fish Story…

Steve Sullivan of Holland, NJ caught this 33 ½ inch pike with some help from his friends and fellow New Jerseyites John Dwyer and Todd Lefkovic. The fish was caught on Saturday at the Lake of the Isles while they were staying at Hidaway Cottages on Dingman Point in Alex Bay. The trio did not have a chance to weigh the fish as they wanted to quickly return it to the water so another angler would have a chance to enjoy a similar challenge of pulling in this beautiful aquatic specimen.

This is a pic from September 2008, the first year we came up. Story behind this picture is: Joe tells Kevin to cast off the dock just out to the weed line, that’s where the pike hang out. Kevin casts for 15 or 20 minutes no luck. Joe happens down to the dock, Kevin kinda complains/jokes with Joe there’s no pike there. Joe says give me that pole, two casts later joe catches a pike on Kevin’s pole. Hope this picture doesn’t make you sad but brightens your day a bit. We all miss him. Stay well.

Well we can’t be there this year, but we will certainly miss our visit to TI, especially Hi-da-way,  and seeing you and your family!  I hope everyone is doing well.
I hope it has and will continue to be a good summer for you.
Until next year… Stay healthy, Stay Safe.

The Shiroff’s, Nace’s and Black’s